Hi! My name's Juliette. . .

I'm a 22-year-old recent graduate from the University of Maryland. My fascination with how design enhances the consumer experience led me to major in Marketing, with my minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation helping me pursue my dream of owning my own business someday. In an attempt to further my understanding of design in business, I was a part of the Strategic Design & Innovation Fellowship.

I won’t lie—I’m a total perfectionist. I always thought this was my weakness, however in college I found there's an area of study where this mentality is an advantage: design. I know the creative mindset that design has allowed me to discover and foster is more valuable than any other skill I've learned.

As I’m beginning the next chapter of my journey with many more unknowns, I’ve decided to use this mindset in designing how I live my life. I constantly take time to reflect on what’s important to me, and then make intentional choices that align with those values. Because I’ll never settle for a life not meant for me. Instead, I choose to live with purpose and authenticity.


And although I may not know what my “calling” is just yet, I can tell you this: my ultimate passion is learning. I’ve always had a vibrant hunger for more. Whether I'm traveling across the world, reading an inspiring book, trying different forms of exercise, discovering a new recipe to cook, or simply learning about myself, I never stop searching. Currently, I’m living this passion in Asia. If you’d like to hear more, head on over to my blog


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